Dagmar Rousset

April 18, 2011

on a lovely jaunt in Melbourne’s fair city i first set my eyes on sweet Dagmar Rousset…and what a  sweet a sight it was.  aptly positioned on Fitzroy’s Gertrude St, Dagmar Rousset is a carefully curated collection of handmade and bespoke garments, accessories and objects.  a collection of American-made knitted leggings and jumpers by ALL Knitwear first caught my attention sporting colour combinations the likes of which you thought only existed in your dreams. as i continued wandering around the shop i was delighted to find beautiful handmade leather goods created by a  local artisan. after a brief chat with Dagmar Rousset’s creator i learnt that by night the central table now festooned with goodies transformed itself into a petite école française.  Dagmar Rousset really was a magical discovery so if ever you’re in the arrondissement drop in, its bloody brilliant.

Dagmar Rousset : 157 Gertrude St,  Fitzroy, Victoria.  http://www.dagmarrousset.com.au/

ALL Knitwear  http://www.allknitwear.com/


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